Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

Today I woke up with a new sense of right--at least in my world. 

I spent most of last night researching the food that we consume, where it is made, how it is made, how the government designs and genetically alters our food for us, the pesticides used and antibiotics injected into our food supplies... it really turned me off about a lot of the foods I normally ingest. 

Last night's research coupled with yesterday's experience with Hacienda has given me a new outlook on our habits.  I got up this morning and I decided to put on my big girl pants (which is not the same thing as my fat pants) and buckle down on the kitchen.  I began by scouring my cookbooks for meals that I thought would be the easiest for me to make and convert to gluten free.  I made my list, checked it twice, and set off for the adventure that is shopping the day before Christmas Eve.  **This is the point where I thank my mother-in-law for keeping my boys while I stupidly braved the traffic...Thanks!!**

To say that traffic was a little bit bad would just be plain lying; traffic was the worst I have ever seen it!  I really believe that grown-ups should be forced to retake the driver's test every few years, and I'm now thinking that maybe they should take some nutrition classes also.

Anyway, back to topic.  I began at Elbert's with my list, looking for different products and really reading the labels for the first time ever.  There are a lot of products offered that are naturally gluten free, and I realize that it will take a while for me to be able to know the difference, but certain key words that I have found help make my searches so much easier.  After finding a product I think is gluten free, I then whip out my iphone and google search the product to double check.  Technology can really be used in so many goods ways these days (like using my coupon from my email even though I forgot to print it off!! Score!!).

After searching through Elbert's and finding wonderful new products and snackies for my boys, I went to Schnucks.  Schnucks has a good selection of gluten free products and really competitive prices.  Since I have frequented Schnucks and Elbert's about every other day the past few weeks, I am pretty good at knowing which store has the best deals now, which is really making this transition so much smoother. 

A few new items I invested in today that have gone over fairly well:  Annie's bunny snacks (sort of like the chewy fruit snacks that I use to buy for the boys, but with actual fruit juice in them) and Coconut milk.  Tonight the boys are having two friends from church spend the night and we are making homemade gluten free pizzas.  I found a box recipe for the dough and I have divided it into four small pizzas.  The boys are going to make their own pizzas with whatever ingredients that they want.  It is amazing how if you just let your children have a little helping hand in their meal preparation, it really does seem to help them ease into new foods and creations better.

Later on tonight's agenda I am planning on watching a movie that my friend let me borrow called "Food Inc."  I have heard a lot of about this movie but never actually seen it myself yet.  I am also going to continue researching about our food sources.  If you are ever wondering what you might be ingesting, start with some research about genetically modified food--it's how most of our soybeans and corn is grown anymore.  The soybeans basically are modified to withstand pesticide sprays (kinda of like a cockroach--you can spray it and it won't die) and can resist plant viruses and bacterias (so nothing basically can kill it).  Sounds appetizing eh?

Well, it's Christmas Eve Eve, we are having a sleepover, and the natives are getting restless so I better wrap this up for now.  Goodnight all and just for your knowledge, gluten free pizza is awesome!!!

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