Monday, December 20, 2010

A note about Parker

As Oliver is by far the most hyperactive child in our home, I have not mentioned Parker a great deal yet.  Parker has a speech impairment that has required therapy for most of his life.

When Parker was little, his allergies would get so bad that it would seem to cause a list of problems, including frequent ear infections.  For a few years, he had over 70% hearing loss in his right ear.  This hearing loss affected his speech greatly.  For a great deal of time, no one could understand him, not even me.  He would have to point to things he wanted.  For took three months of speech therapy for him to be able to voice a word for chocolate milk--coconess. 

When his pediatrician recommended tubes, I immediately said no.  One of my stepdaughters had tubes when she was younger, and after they were removed she still had frequent infections.  She had to complete hearing tests numerous times because of the amount of scar tissue in her ears.  Luckily, she had no permanent damage, but with Parker's hearing loss already so profound, I wouldn't take any chances.

I took Parker to a local chiropractor and within one week, his ear infections was gone--without antibiotics!!  I continued having him adjusted every two to three weeks at first, and he has never had an ear infection since.  Also, at his next hearing test, he passed with flying colors. 

Parker still has perfect hearing, no infections, and is well on his way to being able to speak clearly enough for all the world to understand him.  Recently his speech has improved so much that he is learning to sound out words.  Although he still has trouble saying a lot of word, he is able to sound out all letters now!!  He also recently learned to say his name correctly...he use to call himself "tartar".

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