Thursday, December 23, 2010

A fall-back in the gluten ways

Every once in a while I get an opportunity to eat a wonderful lunch with my husband, and today was that day.  Both boys are out of school on Christmas vacation (Merry Christmas btw), so we decided to go out to eat with them.  We decided on Hacienda because truthfully I was craving some Mexican.  The boys have been doing so well on their new eating plan that I didn't really want to break their streak; but I kept thinking, how bad can a few fries and a few chicken strips be.  I should have know that my weak moment as a mother would come back and haunt me.

After leaving the restaurant, we dropped my husband off at work and went to finish up a little bit of our Christmas shopping.  Within an hour, Oliver and Parker were at full "crazy" mode.  They both would drop to the floor of the store and wiggle around, they would not listen, they could not focus on what I was saying...they were just completely unable to concentrate on anything.  I also noticed that Oliver's ears were red and hot feeling and Parker got suddenly very tired and irritable.

My weak moment and love for Mexican food had basically poisoned my children.  I sentenced my children to a wild day, and I had to keep reminding myself not to lose my temper with them.  It was not their fault, it was mine.  They didn't drive themselves to the restaurant, they didn't order their food, they didn't allow themselves to eat it...I did.  I am their mother, and that makes me ultimately responsible for everything about them.  It is hard to be so strict with their food, but today has shown me that I must stay strong for my children.  I have the best, most wonderful boys in the world, and I plan on showing the world their true potential, not what they are when they are "hopped up" on gluten.

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