Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The new beginning...(and chocolate cake!!)

So now you are up-to-date with my children's life stories.  The big question is what was I going to do about the problems we were having?  It's not like my children were dying or malnourished...there were just little markers here and there that I was noticing, things that I thought could be improved.

The new beginning has started already, we actually started it a few weeks ago.  We began easing into a gluten free diet, eliminating gluten from the products we were purchasing and trying to rid our house of the groceries we already had.

Beginning this past week, we actually began serving gluten free food for all meals, completely gluten free.  It really hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be when cooking meals.  I am fairly handy around the kitchen and finding substitutions isn't that difficult.  The hardest part of the diet change so far?  No snackies.  My children are extremely picky eaters so most of the gluten free snacks they don't like yet.  So what do I do when my boys start yelling that they are hungry?  I grill a chicken breast on the foreman grill usually.  After about a week of chicken every few hours, my boys and myself were tired of chicken.  I realized pretty fast that something was going to have to change in order to be successful on this new adventure.

This is the point where chocolate cake comes back into my life. YEAH!!

My friend from school recommended an awesome book to help me with my shopping.  While researching where to purchase the book, I found two interesting cookbooks at my local Borders bookstore.  I purchased both, make my grocery list, and off I went.  My first dessert was a chocolate cake with marshmallow icing (not real marshmallow of course). 

I make cakes on the side for friends and family a lot, so when I pulled out a flat, unappetizing cake from the oven I was very disappointed.  However, I went ahead and made the icing and finished the cake.  Being the wonderful mother I am, I had my boys try it first (seriously I thought it was going to taste like cardboard).  Results were:  They loved it!!  I have even got my in-laws, hubby and friends to try it and it has passed the test with everyone so far.  Score another one for the diet!!

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