Monday, January 3, 2011

A trippy day with gluten

After my fiasco a few weeks ago about with Oliver, I have been ever diligent about what I will and will not let him near.  As I posted yesterday, it really has made all of the difference in our daily struggles with my six-year old, for the good.

With my youngest, Parker--who is 4 1/2, it hasn't seemed to affect him as much.  Parker is generally not hyper, so it's hard to tell right off if the gluten-free diet even has any effect on him or not.  Today, after Parker got out of Pre-k, I took him and my husband out to eat at a local restaurant, one in which I know offers a gluten-free menu. 

When we arrived at the restaurant, the waitress gave Parker his kids menu and immediately my child spied a bowl of spaghetti and butter on the front cover.  Of course, this is what my child wanted.  Now it's been weeks since Parker has had regular, gluten-packed noodles, and since I haven't noticed a huge difference with him I figure sure, why not.

The reasons why not should have been obvious to me.  I am so inciting the whole "if I knew then what I know now".  Within in an hour of him sucking down a bowl of noodles, my son looked as though he was in a food coma.  His eyes were glossy, with a purplish tint underneath them, his face was splotchy, his ears were red and hot, and he would not acknowledge that I was speaking to him.  When I would ask him a question or say his name, he just kind of stared off like I wasn't speaking.  Now, I know that children can get like this anyways so I at first figure that he is just grouchy, or tired, or something.

Needless to say he falls asleep on the way home.  Parker sleeps for almost five hours before I finally have to wake him up.  The next problem?  He is crying, whining, still blotchy in the face and stomach area, and will not cooperate with anything I ask him to do.  Even after I physically dress him, put him into the van, drive him into town for Taekwondo, and sit there for 15 minutes while I wait for it to start, he still has not snapped out of his funk.

After two hours of him being in such a mood and unhappy with everything, I sent him to bed.  It makes me sad that I had to do such, especially since it was over an hour before his bed time, but he really was so sad looking that I couldn't think of anything else to do.  I had thought about giving him some benedryl, but I really dislike having to give my kids any medicine, so therefore, bed was the only option.

So, I once again, will restart tomorrow.  I know that Oliver cannot cheat.  And now I know that Parker cannot cheat either.  I have my cabinets repacked with yummy snacks for them, I have my meal plan ready for this week.  I am officially a mother with a renewed mission--funny how it only took one day for Parker to remind me the importance of my job.

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