Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I *LOVE* being right

So, like most women, I LOVE being right (and I usually am when it comes to issues with my husband, just ask me). :)

Anyhoo--I got a call today from my good friend Jen.  Jen went to a new naturalist doctor today here in Evansville to see how she liked it.  She loved the doctor, which is good news, but the part I was really interested in is what the doctor said about her son.  Jen has two boys that are similar in my boys' ages and demeanors.  Her oldest is very sweet, intelligent, and hyper.

After talking for a while about her son, Jen's new doctor began talking about food intolerance, gluten, casein, preservatives, food colors, etc etc.  Her doctor talked so much about it that Jen immediately called me when she left to tell me all about it.  I was so excited, maybe I am doing something right with the boys, maybe we are on the right path to a better, healthier life.

Today we let Oliver take a few gluten free chips with him to school for his snack, even thought they contained food color, preservatives, and casein.  Without going into a long explanation, let's just say we will not being doing that again.  I will just leave it at that.  But as always, tomorrow is a new day.

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