Thursday, September 22, 2011

I tried the moose and I like it....

So this morning I ventured out quite early to try out the new Smiling Moose Deli in Evansville.  I got a breakfast sandwich with cream cheese, tomatoes, black pepper, cheese, added a little turkey, and put it on their GF bread and let me just was so delicious!  I was prepared for the food to taste like cardboard but was pleasantly surprised by it's fantastic flavor and taste. 

They also have a large selection of other GF sandwiches and they have loaves of GF bread that you can purchase.  The lady at the counter told me that the deli gets all of their bread from a mother who has two sons who are affected by Celiac's Disease and was tired of their bread tasting like sawdust.  Eventually the mother decided to start baking her own bread and now sells it to the deli.  The deli gets the bread in frozen; they thaw it and it lasts in-home for about a week.  I am so excited to go home tonight and try some grilled cheese sandwiches with it (and I'm sure my boys will be even more excited!). 

Don't like sandwiches?  They also have soups and salads that are GF, complete with a variety of dressings.  Check out their menu online.  Although their environment is not totally GF and airborne contact may occur, for those who can risk it I definitely recommend checking it out.

Have you been to the Smiling Moose Deli?  What was your impression?

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